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Rose Dance Story’s

*Rose Dance stories; a combination of puppetry and dance
*a unique children’s party on location
*Rose Dance stories comes to you, the *party gets more value
*both for girls and boys
*children’s parties from 3 to 12 years
*And … also magic with wool; a felt party
*And … craft parties in a real studio in de Pijp, Amsterdam

*The dolls take your child into the story
*Dance exercises in the form of dance games
*Moving to music
*Good for the development of motor skills
*Playful learning, connects to Preschool and Early Childhood Education)
*Moving together and being creative, creating a connection


Rose Dansverhalen is a combination of table puppetry with different dolls made by Rozanne; from very small to life-size like Flaminga the flamingo.
At this unique children’s (birthday) party the children are taken into a story with the dolls, they sit around the table, watch and listen and afterwards you can even touch the dolls.

After the story we dance / move on cheerful music, where the story is the red thread for the movements.
We use different materials to create even more dance / movement, including real silk wipes, wooden shuffling blocks, rubber dots, and much more.
There is a choice of many stories but my favorites are “de Billenbijter”, Hello Flamingo “,
“we have a kid” or “the little whale”

Number cookies are served and the birthday kid gets a nice birthday crown.
Very suitable for children from 3 years (or even younger!) Up to 8 years.

Rose Dance stories comes to your home and is for both girls and boys;
it will give your children’s party / birthday party more value. You can give the whole party the theme of the story

Duration: about 90 minutes.
Price: 1 to 8 children € 110.
€ 12.50 per child extra
Includes number cookies (organic) and beautiful birthday crown

* Felt party: “the magic with wool”,

With beautiful colors of wool, water, soap and our hands we will “play with wool”.
We do this by first drawing a design. Then we will put the colored wool in such a way as the design. Quite a job, and you have to be careful because the wool is still loose.
Then we go with the water and the olive soap wet the work and gently massage, until we can put more power and can start the magic with the wool; first the wool was completely loose and then suddenly it was felt to one piece.
Eventually you can even throw your work at the floor! A wonderful process.

After about 2 hours you have a beautiful magic piece in your hands that you can hang, make a bag or a pillow.
Magic with wool is for both girls and boys from 8 to 12 years (and also for adults!)

maximum number of children 10
(with the help of the parent)
Duration: 2 hours
Price: 6 children € 130, per additional child € 20, – (up to a maximum of 4 extra children)
including material (wool, soap, silk) The children take home a beautiful work of art.



Hi Rozanne,

On the occassion of our daughter’s 10th birthday celebration, we were looking for a show that would provide a good blend of creativity, entertainment and also learning

The ‘Hello Flamingo’ was perfect for the event. Overall, the performance was very professional and everyone was mesmerized with it

Thank you to make the event a memorable one

Best Regards,